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Thursday, June 30

Windows Update Problem

My brother, known to everyone as Dod, was having a problem with Windows Update on his laptop. It runs under Windows XP. Foolishly I said I would try to help, and I took the laptop home. I then started a marathon session of research into the problem, following some very helpful instructions, and countless numbers of downloading updates and rebooting.

Eventually the problem was fixed. Sometimes there is no other way than to slog through these things.

Friday, June 17

How do you set up a website?

I was asked recently by a neighbour of mine, Chris, how to set up a website. He had already had a go at creating a website through a simple website builder run by the local paper, but wanted to write something "without ads". I didn't know his level of expertise, and had to try to phrase my answer in a general way, at the same time trying to cover the technical issues he might come across.

My answer is found in the first comment.

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